Wooden Playhouses – How to Build in a “D.I.Y” Way

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Wooden playhouses are a great source of enjoyment for your children/grandchildren and also for you. Watching children’s imaginations run wild when playing in a wooden playhouse is a site to see and hear. You just can’t beat a child’s imagination. Wooden playhouses are easy to build especially if you have already built a wooden garden shed.

WHERE DO I LOCATE THE WOODEN PLAYHOUSE IN MY YARD – The best suggestion I have for you is to locate the wooden playhouse in a location where you can look out your house window and keep an eye on the children. Another option is to place the wooden playhouse near your wooden garden shed or to attach it to your wooden garden shed. This allows you to work in your wooden garden shed and keep an eye on the kids at the same time.

WHAT FEATURES SHOULD I USE ON THE WOODEN PLAYHOUSE – Because a wooden playhouse is a down-sized wooden garden shed keep scale in mind as you build the wooden playhouse. If you add window boxes for example they will need to be smaller than the ones you would put on your wooden garden shed. Doors and windows or door and window openings will also be smaller. Be sure to put in some wood door type windows that the kids can open and close the windows. They just love being able to open and close these types of windows. If you don’t want to cover the window opening that is fine also but keep in mind that the weather will get inside the playhouse.

BENCHES AND CHAIRS FOR THE WOODEN PLAYHOUSE – Make sure you either build or purchase some wooden chairs and table to use in the wooden playhouse. Also consider making or buying some wooden benches to use for the outside or inside of the wooden garden playhouse. They will get a lot of use by the kids.

CONSIDER BUILDING A PLAYGROUND NEARBY THE WOODEN PLAYHOUSE – I have seen many homeowners put a small playground area near the wooden playhouse. Playing in the wooden playhouse or on outdoor swings or sandboxes just goes hand in hand. The children will be entertained and get exercise at the same time.

CONSIDER ADDING SOME SHUTTERS – Build some small wooden shutters or buy some at your local home improvement centers to add some finishing touches to your wooden garden sheds. They really add a lot of character to your wooden playhouse.

GIVE SOME THOUGHT TO A TWO STORY WOODEN PLAYHOUSE – Making the wooden playhouse a little taller will allow you to add a second story/loft that the kids will just love.  You could also add a small porch. Both of these additional options will make your children’s wooden playhouse unique and a pleasure for all that use or view the wooden playhouse.

WOODEN PLAYHOUSE KITS – If you do not want to build your own children’s wooden playhouse there are many styles and choices for buying wooden playhouses. At the bottom of this article there is a link to my web site where you can view wooden playhouses that you can buy online.

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