Our Vision & Objectives


Social inclusion of people with visually impairment through art practices and equal access to art.


To create a community where people with visual impairment can experience the life-enhancing  power of art by learning, participating, enjoying the art and showcase their artwork to bring diginity and income opportunities to them, and spread awareness about the challanges and  and abilities of the visually impaired people to and reduce the gap between “them” and “us.”

Value & Belief Statement

Art opens our minds to unexpected ways of viewing ourselves and the world. No less vital is its function as an instrument of change, a reminder of diversity, a source of healing and development. Potential for creativity lies within all of us to express our feeling and ideas. Art programs can help individual express themselves, develop their confidence, use their imagination and inspire their creativity. Art education, art practices and art access should be widely avaiable without prejudice to class, language, religion, gender or physical and mental limitation.

We believe that disability is a diverse human condition, and people with visual impairment are “differently-able.” Artistic experience by them is an invaluable form of self-expressions, proving that they have an interesting way for perceiving and living life. Art “by” all and “for” all can lead to an equitable society.


  1. Create an environment conducive for visually impaired people to participate in the creation of the arts and access to the arts and visual culture.
  2. Equip visually impaired people with the knowledge and skills through which they can participate in the artistic practices and develop social and workplace skills to gain financial independence.
  3. Create platforms where the challenges and capabilities of the visually impaired people can be shared by the general public.
  4. Build resource and capacity to promote “Non-Retinal” Art culture in India.

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