Photography & Technology

Blind With Camera project works with several evolving assistive technologies to facilitate the visually impaired to click – access – share photographs.

  1. Digital compact point-shoot and DSLR (there is no special camera for visually impaired, Samsung China as developed one but not yet launched)
  2. Mobile phone apps both for Apple & Android smart phones like special audio guided camera, color sensory, KNFB Reader,  gesture-based screen reader and much more
  3. Computer with photo editing software, screen readers and screen magnifiers
  4. PIAF Picture in a Flash Tactile Graphic Maker and special paper to produce touch & feel raised pictures
  5. Text to Audio solutions to produce machine generated audio tracks
  6. Audio photo albums, handheld multi-media players & and headphones
  7. Sensory substation technology like “Seeing With Sound” which helps the visually impaired to see
  8. Bluetooth technology (like GuideByCell) and label reading (like RNIB’s Pen Friend)
  9. DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) for production of audio e-books and reading materials in accessible formats.

Blind With Camera provides insight to the developers and researchers working on assistive technologies around the world.  The project is referred in several research papers, academic blogs and conferences. To read research paper, click here


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