What We Do

In 2009, the Beyond Sight Foundation was founded to widen the scope of creative work and deepen social deliverables of Blind With Camera project.  Activities of the foundation are grouped under four programs.

“Blind With Camera” 

  1. Promote and provide training in photography as vocational subject at special schools for the visually impaired.
  2. Conduct photography workshops for teenagers and adult visually impaired
  3. Learn photography through e-school, publish and distribute training and resources handbook on photography in Braille format with touch & feel raised images.
  4. Conduct “Train the Trainer” workshops to create a pool of sighted photographers to provide training in photography to the visually impaired.
  5. Facilitate “Mentor Protégé” model where celebrated photographers will adapt talented visually impaired photographers to learn and work with them for a defined period.
  6. Organise national and international photo competition for the visually impaired.
  7. Showcase photographs coming out of training, workshop, competition and Mentor Protégé through “inclusive” exhibition of the foundation.

“Seeing Beyond Sight”

  1. Conduct “blindfold” photography workshop for sighted people, where they learn how to use non-visual senses (touch, sound, warmth of light) and intuitive senses. The workshop is conducted by  trained blind photographers along with sighted photographers.
  2. Multi sensory workshop (simulation of blindness) where sighted are blindfold and undergo a series of activities that visually impaired person does every day. Trained visually impaired volunteers conduct this workshop along with sighted volunteers.

“In Touch With Picture”

  1. Making exhibits coming out of Blind With Camera accessable to the visually impaired by a combination of adpative ways like like touch & feel raise, Braille notes, large prints, visual aids and audio descriptive (AD) tours.
  2. Advocate and work closely with art museums in India on project to make artefacts accessable to the visually impaired visitors.
  3. Encourage and engage with artists in all media to produce and exhibit artworks specially created for visually impaired audience.
  4. Advocate and work closely with the entertainment industry on project to make audio description (AD) films for cinema halls and in DVDs.

“In Search of Light”

  1. Create knowledge in the area of art by the visually impaired through research by providing research fellowships to sighted and/or visually impaired people or to them working together.
  2. Publish educational art materials for the visually impaired by providing publication grants for turning the researched materials into books, films and multimedia.
  3. Create on-line database of blind artists and organizations offering arts education for the visually impaired.

Along with above activities the Beyond Sight Foundation offers art-centric services like desgin, curate of art exhibitions, workshops & events, consultancy on accessibility of art and conduct hertage walk for the visually impaired. We organise festivals, seminars, conferences, presentations and conversations between artists on themes relevant to the Art by the Blind. 

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