Disability Equality Policy

The vision for Beyond Sight Foundation (BSF) is to create a permeable organisation that promote disability equality by removing access barriers in its programmes, exhibition and offer employment opportunities that are open to all. Disability Equality Policy of the Beyond Sight Foundation (BSF) is exclusively for the visually impaired people and their experience of art and popular culture. Our Disability Equality Policy and action plan ensure that the access needs of the visually impaired people are included in BSF’ thinking, not as an afterthought or even an obligation but as an intrinsic part of our plans and vision.

Definition of Access for BSF

BSF’s approach to access for visually impaired people is part of a broader diversity strategy of the foundation. This defines diversity as about and for everyone. It encompasses the removal of barriers, defined in six categories – physical, sensory, intellectual, cultural, attitudinal and financial, establishing an inclusive approach. BSF promotes a social rather than a medical approach to disability access. This approach considers how the environment contributes to a person’s disability rather than defining people by their impairment.

Scope of Disability Equality Policy

Disability Equality Policy is defined in line with BSF’s vision – social inclusion of people with visually impairment through their experiences of arts, equal access to art and to reduce the gap between visually impaired and sighted people by building capacity around the “Non-Retinal” Art culture in India.

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