Blindfold Photography Workshop

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Blindfold Photo Workshop is an extension of Blind With Camera using photography to reverse the traditional roles of the sighted and the blind; sighted people are put in a positioned that makes them dependant on the blind for guidance to take pictures. This new relationship empowers the blind, boosts their self-esteem, developing their emotional, intellectual and creative potential, bring them dignity and income opportunity, and sighted participants learning a whole new way of perceiving and communicating.

Pictures coming out of the blindfold photo workshop are exhibited (multi sensory accessible format) along pictures taken by trained blind photographers under Blind With Camera program, making the audience to rethink their assumptions and expectations from both blind and sighted people regarding what each is capable of accomplishing.

The workshop helps is breaking down the psychological barriers that prevent blind and visually impaired people from achieving integration into society – inclusion into the social, educational and working environments. Below are Blindfold Photo workshops conducted at corporate and educational institutes.

Over the years Blindfold Sensory workshop is being conducted with educational institutes, art & cultural experts, social enterprises and corporate. Click here to download a presentation on Blindfold Sensory Workshop

Edelweiss Group

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Blindfold Photo workshop was conducted on 17th March 2011 for employees of the Edelweiss Group Mumbai with the support of the EdelGive Foundation.

HVB Global Academy

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Below are pictures from the Blindfold Photo workshop and pictures taken by blindfold sighted students of HVB Global Academy, an international school based in Mumbai. Workshop was conducted in January 2011.