Photo books “BY” & “FOR” Blind

Photographs taken by the visually impaired under Blind With Camera are complied in two photo books.


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Beyond the photo exhibitions by the blind photographers, documentation of their inner vision, their creative insight and their voice in book format was much needed. Two books titled SEE AS NO OTHER and IN TOUCH WITH PICTURES on Blind With Camera is now available worldwide in print, e-book, audio accessible formats. Both books are conceptualised, complied and written by Partho Bhowmick.

SEE AS NO OTHER  is a collection of over 100 photographs from the Blind With Camera Mumbai, India and some of the more accomplished blind photographers in the world. The book provide compelling insights into the creative process; how another sense “fills in” for sight lost and how the camera serves as the new “eye” of the visually impaired. The book celebrates human diversity, gives a new voice to the visually impaired, and explores what sight and seeing is really all about

The Foreword of the book is written by American photographer Douglas McCulloh and curator of Sight Unseen: International Photography by Blind Artists at the California Museum of Photography, University of California Riverside in 2009. The Afterword is written by Dr. Simon Hayhoe, UK based researcher, writer and known internationally for his work on blindness, art and society.  

SEE AS NO OTHER is published by Partridge Publishing India, a Penguin Random House Company. The book is available in print and e-book, to purchase a copy click (for buyer from India) and Barnes & Noble (for buyer outside India).  Also available in Audio DAISY format for the print disable readers, to download audio book click here.

IN TOUCH WITH PICTURES is an unique coffee table sensory photo book. It offers a combination of touch & feel pictures, Audio Description, Braille and Large prints for the visually impaired readers. It offers a whole new experience to the sighted readers to SEE-TOUCH-HEAR pictures. The inclusiveness of photographs in the book redefines the common notion “to see is to photograph, and to photograph is to see”. The book is published by the Beyond Sight Foundation, Mumbai India. To purchase a copy, click here.

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“Blind with Camera project endorses from another angle the trueness of “Nothing is impossible”. To follow a vision, no eyesight is needed. People are really “blind”, if they lack of imagination and they do not have the guts to go beyond their limits. Blind with Camera breaks with boundaries, mental concepts and shows on a high artistic altitude, that beauty is invisible and that there are miraculous ways to visualize the unseen. And again blind people open the eyes of people with eyesight, and demonstrate very powerfully how to build bridges for an inclusive world. I am sure the book “See As No Other” will inspire lots of people across the world to think, act and feel different.”- Andreas Heinecke, Founder of Dialogue in the Dark, Germany

“Photography by the blind? Of course! In the 4 corners of the world, ice age art reveals that homo sapiens loves images. Photos show the surfaces of the tangible world, and the same surfaces make the visible world. Perspectives in the pictures tell us we are inside buildings, on the stairs or beside a gate. These are perspectives that touch shares with vision.Imaginative images tell stories.On a hot day, shadows are cool. We discover what things mean through many senses. SEE AS NO OTHER shows art appeals to the eye, the hand and the heart.” – John Miller Kennedy, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, University of Toronto and author of award-winning book “Drawing and the Blind”

“Re-envision what we assume: My inquiry in partnership with hundreds of blind and sighted people asked us to question the ‘Critics’ who ‘delight to tell us what we cannot do.’ With this important book, Partho Bhowmick and his community of blind photographers, ask the whole world to search our aesthetic and visceral compass, and ask ourselves who has the right to talk about beauty, the skies, mountains, the song of birds, and colors.” –Elisabeth Salzhauer Axel, Founder & President, Art Beyond Sight, New York

“All of us see the world through various filters of choice; we glance, we stare, we judge, reflect and so on. This book has the impact and power to arrest our ability to truly understand what it means to see; not just through culturally diverse aspects, but though exploring variations with vision. In doing so, it changes our understanding.” – Ruth Gould, CEO & Artistic Director, DaDa Disability Arts Fest, Liverpool UK

“An inspiring journey to rethink and discover, together with blind people, and through the use of photography, what vision is about. Vision is not passive. With or without feedback on the final result there is always the act of seeing, selecting and composing the view while interacting with people and objects in the view. A road to awareness and independence.” – Dr. Peter Meijer, Dutch scientist & inventor of “Seeing With Sound” technology

“For those of us who are sighted, our vision often blinds us.   SEE AS NO OTHER achieves something remarkable and important, it makes us look differently.  It opens our eyes.  It invites us to question what it really means to see.  It engages us in an unfolding and profound conversation that brings new understanding about the myriad ways in which humans visualize the world.” – Tiffany Fairey, Co-founder, PhotoVoice, London

“In our Era of Images—that of the End of Night—blind photographers play a transcendent role: they inject invisibility back into the arrogant grip of vision and its technical prostheses. Nothingness. Dignity. The very chance for renewal. Darkness is lovers’ refuge, and light is lifeless without imagination. No eye lacks a blind spot, and sightlessness is never without a gaze. SEE AS NO OTHERS offer us more than a glimpse, a valuable contribution to the growing international movement of blind photography.” – Benjamin Mayer-Foulkes, Founding Director, 17, Institute of Critical Studies, Mexico City 

“SEE AS NO OTHER is really an eye opener to learn – that do we really need our sight to see?  After all ,the eyes do see, but then, how do we see a dream when our eyes are shut? How do we imagine something by just hearing or reading about it?  Is it just the normal pair of eyes – that help us see- or is there the minds eye, the eye at the tips of our fingers, the eye in our feeling, in our emotion, the eye in our memory, and in our imagination – which all comprise what we really see? And is it that we rely so much on our physical eyes, that we don’t often see what these other eyes maybe showing us? Thank you for teaching me how to look and see beyond what my eyes show me.” – Abhishek Poddar, Founder, TASVEER (The Picture), Bangalore

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